Top 5 messages to communicate with your temporary construction fencing signs

Site safety signs Using Your Construction Site Boundary Signs and Site Access Signs to Communicate Important Messages

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous environments and safety concerns start at the boundary of your site. While temporary, these fences mark the entrance to the project and will be viewed by site staff, contractors and the general public, and serve as an excellent communication channel. By careful planning, your signage can be used to communicate 5 key messages to staff, contractors, suppliers and the wider community.

1. Safety

Safety signage is used to make workers or visitors to the site aware of the dangers present at a busy site. Safety signs at the fence boundaries can help to reduce the risk of accidents. A multi-message access or site safety sign can communicate a number of safety messages clearly and efficiently.

PPE – Use these signs to remind workers of the necessary personal protective equipment required to work on site.

Authorized Personnel – A warning to curious passers by that no-one without proper authorisation may enter the site.

Hazards – These signs can be used to highlight any general and more specific hazards found within the site.

Instruction – Use your boundary signs to communicate any additional site specific instructions, like speed limits, site office reporting and delivery information.

2. Wayfinding

During a build, access points may change or facilities may move locations. Use directional signage on your boundary fences to help workers and visitors orientate themselves around the site. Use your wayfinding signage to help the site run more efficiently but also compliment your safety procedures. Moving through a busy site poses significant safety issues and the more efficiently vehicles and pedestrians are directed through the site the lower the risk. Highlight key points such as Site office, Facilities, First aid stations and delivery reception points.

 3. Notices

Notices keep workers, vendors, visitors and the general public updated on licensing, ongoing project management and basic information about your project. Notice signage can also serve to lessen the amount of commotion surrounding the length of time your project is taking, pavement or road closures and other inconveniences to the community.

Notices can be used to inform the local community. Naturally members of the public who are essentially your neighbours will be curious as to what is happening in their local area. Use your noticeboards to keep them updated on progress, the nature of the project and of course safety information.

By advertising the event of major deliveries to the site will ensure workers are aware of the delivery, your suppliers will be reassured that you are ready to accept the delivery and the general public will aware of any potential disruption in the area. This can also be extended to advertising the event of any major works that pose any specific threats i.e. highlighting any activity that may require additional PPE such as ear defenders. These noticeboards could even be used to show the expected weather conditions for the day.

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4. Advertising

Your boundary fences provide a blank canvas for advertising. An ideal medium for branding and advertising. Your name and logo repeated at intervals looks professional and will enhance brand recognition. In some circumstances it may also be possible to offer advertising space to local business to get maximum return on this medium.

5. Public Relations

In addition to your advertising signage why not promote your commitment to ethical business practices. Environmental notices highlighting your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint, considerate contractor notices. Advertise your safety records and perhaps how many employment opportunities you have brought to the local community. Take this opportunity to thank suppliers and contractors for their contribution to the project and of course this is the ideal place to apologise to local residents for any inconvenience caused and to thank them for their patience. If you are members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) why not include the logo on your signage.

Your boundary fencing is an essential part of the project but make sure you make the most of this communication opportunity by planning your signage to cover these top 5 messages.