‘Safer Sites’ Initiative reveals Safety Check Failures


The 'Safer Sites' Initiative

‘Safer Sites’ Initiative reveals Safety Check Failures Picture During this Septembers “Safer Sites’ initiative the HSE has revealed that over 1,100 construction sites failed a safety check.

The nationwide campaign involved the HSE visiting 2,607 sites, where refurbishment or repair work was taking place. Inspectors found that on 1,105 sites basic safety standards were not being met. 

The findings revealed that: 644 sites had practices so poor, enforcement action was required to protect workers. 539 prohibition notices were served ordering activities to stop immediately, and 414 improvement notices issued, requiring standards to improve.

The most common problems identified included failing to protect workers during activities at height, exposure to harmful dust and inadequate welfare facilities. 

David Urpeth, a partner and expert in workplace injury at Irwin Mitchell said: "The high number of construction sites found to be unsafe during this initiative is simply unacceptable. The building industry is one of the most dangerous sectors for employees, yet the findings of this campaign show that lessons are clearly not being learned by the business.

"The dangers of failing to adequately protect workers cannot be overstated, as we regularly see cases when victims of work accidents have suffered serious, life-changing injuries as a result of basic failings such as a lack of training or vital equipment." 

Sandy Barnes, First Call Signs commented “This is disappointing news, as the Construction Industry has made great progress over recent years with its safety record, this HSE report serves as a reminder that ‘safety’ must continue to stay at the top of the construction Industry’s agenda, we cannot afford to take the eye of the ball”

Steve Murphy, general secretary of construction union UCATT said: "These figures expose the truth about construction, which is that many employers are prepared to gamble with workers lives rather than ensure their sites are safe."

He added that the most common problems are "basic safety requirements", and that the campaign demonstrated why the HSE should be given resources to increase their level of inspections. 

For more about the ‘Safer Site’ initiative, visit www.hse.gov.uk/construction/campaigns/safersites/index.htm or more on this article visit  http://www.shponline.co.uk/home/news/full/nearly-half-of-construction-sites-fail-safety-checks . View our site safety signs.