Planning the Perfect Fete

Event Signs & Planning the Perfect Fete fete signs First Call Signs creates and manufactures temporary signs for many uses but one of the most fun applications is for fetes and festivals. 

We are often asked for guidance by  first time organisers of these events, and while we can advise on much of the safety and way finding aspects, our expertise is limited to the event signs. However, we have come across this great guide from an Australian website called . On there is an in-depth guide to planning the perfect fete. We have selected just part of the guide to share with you, to give the basic starting points.

Fetes and festivals require a huge time commitment. If you’re going to make the most of all those people passing through, all those volunteer hours and all that planning, you’d better make sure it pulls in lots of cash.

You're thinking of having a group fete (or you have a fete every year and you want to make this year's one the best ever). How do you do it? 

Here are four essential first steps in creating the perfect fete.

1. The people

  • Your first step must be to form a committee, designate tasks and schedule regular meetings.
  • You probably already have a fundraising committee, but you will probably need a committee solely for your fete or festival.
  • Schedule regular meetings that become increasingly frequent as you move closer to the event.

2. The format

  • Settle on key aspects as early as possible in your planning. Consider:
  • Themes
  • What sort of stalls or attractions you would like to include
  • Who will be invited (including special guests and VIPs)
  • Potential stallholders (including whether there will be people from outside your organisation supplying stalls or rides, and if so, who).
  • These are the things you need to decide early and lock in early (or risk missing out). Start keeping lists (see below for a download that will help you out with that) and assigning tasks for fleshing out the detail.

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3. The budget
  • Start sketching out a budget. Paint some broad brushstrokes at this point – you can start filling in more of the detail as you go along.
  • Your budget should include both money and time (the latter may be in short supply and needs to be protected as carefully as your cash reserves).
  • When it comes to income, try to set realistic but ambitious targets. If you’ve held this event (or one like it) before, use your figures from last time to set a stretch target for this event (say, your best past result plus 10%).
  • With expenses, it’s always better to overestimate – and have funds left over – than to underestimate and run out of money. Conventional wisdom advises that you should overestimate your budget by 20-50%.
  • When it comes to estimating time, use your best judgement and try to factor in any possible hold-ups or hiccups.

4. The documentation
  • Start researching all the documentation – licences, permits (food, alcohol, etc.) and other paperwork – you will need to run your special event.
  • Allow plenty of time to apply for and receive these documents, as some can take a while to be processed.
  • Start thinking about risk management and insurance as well.
  • Of course we believe that great signage can also help the success of the event. Professional well thought out signage, can help promote your event, improve logistics and organisation and more importantly help keep your visitors safe. 

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