Q1 :        I would like to include my company logo on my signage, what format does it need to be in?

A1 :        There are several options when sending across your logo for inclusion. Either an eps or ai (adobe illustrator) file would be the ideal format, alternatively a high resolution pdf or jpeg may suffice.  These formats will ensure a quality company logo print.


Q2 :        It’s an emergency! I require my temporary signs quickly, when is the earliest you can get them to my Head Office or even direct to site?

A2 :        Fortunately, if we receive your order and company logo in a good format, all standard temporary signs will be delivered before noon the next day, when ordered by 2pm.


Q3 :        I would prefer my signs to be in another material. Apart from the standard 4mm and 10mm correx offered in the First Call Signs catalogue, what are my options?

A3 :        Sometimes our customers require their temporary signs to be made from different materials and we are happy to help them achieve this objective.  Additional options include, 1mm rigid plastic, 3mm/5mm foamex, or even a self adhesive vinyl.


Q4 :        I am not sure what temporary signs I need for my construction site – please help!

A4 :        All construction sites are different, but should all be signed sensibly with your own unique information.  We have produced a guide - “Essential Signs for Construction Sites” - to help with this, which lists the most common signs needed and in the most suitable sizes.  You can request a copy of this document by getting in contact with the team at sales@firstcallsigns.co.uk


Q5 :        I am not sure that my existing temporary signs are legislatively correct, can you help in this area?

A5 :        This is one of the most common questions that we get asked, and thankfully, we are able to put our customer’s minds at rest.  All of the temporary signs within the First Call Signs catalogue comply with EN7010, a new standard brought in a few years ago.  We can also help you recognise the difference in the new legislation and ensure that every temporary sign at your site or project is correct and compliant.


Q6 :        I am a corporate buyer and would like to purchase a significant number of temporary signs.  Is there any additional help I can receive?

A6 :        First Call Signs has many corporate clients and we understand that they will need extra advice and guidance. We also appreciate that commercially there will need to be a corporate pricing schedule put in place due to the larger quantities ordered. We suggest you contact us initially on our mainline number:  0800 652 6270 or email us at sales@firstcallsigns.co.uk for further information.


Q7 :        I can’t find the temporary sign I require in the First Call Signs catalogue, does this mean First Call Signs does not produce it?

Q7 :        The First Call Signs catalogue contains over 330 of the most requested and used signs.  As a manufacturer we can make any bespoke sign you need and in the material you require.  The lead time for these “special” products will include an additional extra 24 hours for delivery.


Q8 :        I am hosting a festival/event and the temporary signage required is a combination of different materials, can you help with this mixture of signage requirements?

A8 :        Of course, we would be glad to.  Normally festival and event signage is purchased in the 4mm correx material as it is disposable.  Alongside the temporary correx signs is usually a banner type material – this product will have hems and eyelets to help showcase the event.   These temporary signs and banners can be found in the First Call Signs main catalogue between pages 39-44.


Q9 :        How do I fix the signs to the heras fence panels on my construction site?

A9 :        We can offer a cable tie solution on page 9 of the First Call Signs catalogue – order code EE90119. 


Q10 :      I actually don’t require temporary signage, but rather more the permanent signage variety, can you help me?

A10 :      Yes, our sister division, Stocksigns, specialises in manufacturing and delivering over 30,000 standard permanent health and safety signage.  You can contact them on Tel : 01737 764764 or email them at sales@stocksigns.co.uk