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5 Top Tips For Ordering Your Construction Site Signs

Signs are legally required to minimise injuries on construction sites, such as displaying health and safety practises and providing hazard warnings, but most construction companies are missing a trick. That's why we've pulled together 5 helpful tips to consider when ordering the signage for your new building project.

1) Temporary signs are the way forwardConstruction site signs

Buying permanent signs made out of aluminium or plastic can be used at the next site right?

Wrong - it's likely that they will be damaged due to the nature of work on your site, such as the brick dust which deteriorates on signs. Temporary correx signs are a cost effective solution while still providing great quality.

You can start fresh at the beginning of each building site with a new First Call Signs Starter Pack meaning you save significant amounts of money on each site and your temporary signage always looks professional - like your work. 

2) Improve community relations

Construction work can often be viewed negatively within the immediate community; often seen as disruptive and noisy.

The use of additional signage can go a long way to improve relationships. A simple sign apologising for any inconvenience caused, can go a long way to appease local residents. Why not go one step further with a custom made sign and include the final architect's drawing to show residents what they have to look forward to. 

These signs can be displayed next to your legally required notice boards at the entrance; showing residents that you are adhering to health and safety laws and putting safety first. 

3) Improve your company's image and get free advertising

Construction site signs aren't just about communicating health and safety messages, hazard warnings or keeping the locals happy, they are the perfect opportunity to advertise your brand. 

Why not use the spare space on your signs to include a company logo and contact details. With First Call Signs you get a free logo printed on all standard signs, all you need to do is simply upload it when placing your order online. 

4) Are you affecting the local highways?

Hazard and warning signs aren't just for on site; they are also for the public around the site. Something that is often overlooked are traffic signs to warn motorists in the local vicinity, you legally must give motorists ample warning of any works affecting the highway. Our team of expert can help you identify what signs you require and where you will need to display them.

This is hugely important as companies that fail to meet the criteria are liable for prosecution in insufficient warning lead to a motorist or pedestrian being injured.

5) The handover - where are the fire signs?Fire safety signs

You've been working really hard on your project and everything is looking perfect, at long last the plasterers and the painters have been in, you're on the final walk round, signing everything off ready to hand over the keys the next day.

But there is something missing - where are the fire signs? Without them the property can't be signed off, which will lead to a delay and fine for a late finish. 

Make sure you buy them early and they're on site for the final day, but if you find yourself in this position First Call Signs can arrange next day delivery when ordering before 1pm.

If you have any questions about your construction site signage, simply contact our experts who will be more than happy to help.

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