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Temporary signage for festival and summer events season

Glastonbury 2015 kicks off today, marking the start of the festival season, and with large summer shows and events taking place up and down the UK this summer, organisers will be thinking about the safety of those who attend.

With large crowds gathering in one place, health & safety is of paramount importance to ensure that everyone has a good time. Temporary signage is essential to mark out potential hazards, safe way finding and crowd control, and also to mark out car park safety.

Much like constructions sites, festivals and large events have their own potential hazards with trips, slips and electric cables to be assessed and made aware to visitors. Car parks of large events can also be potentially hazardous and signage will made all aware of these safety issues.

Additionally, way finding and informational signs all add to the quality of experience that your visitors will have. Properly marked facilities such as toilets, refreshments, entrances and exits will ensure that navigation is made easier and a bottleneck of people trying to find their way will be minimised.

All First Call Signs event and festival signage is supplied on 4mm correx and are available in three standard sizes: 300x400mm, 400x600mm and 600x800mm. Call us today to discuss your festival and event temporary signage solutions on 0800 652 6270.


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