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What signs do I need on a building site?

First of all, temporary signage will be dependent on the type of building site. For example, is the site “groundworks”, involve “civils” (heavier infrastructure), based around utilities or just plain residential / non-residential construction.

The reason for identifying the different types of construction is it will relate heavily to the temporary signage requirements and quantities eventually put in place on that particular site.

The 1996 and 2007 (updated) Health, Safety and Welfare regulations highlight what is required for “main construction”. To make it easier for the smaller builder to cover these elements, we will focus on what is generally considered the absolute minimum temporary signage expected on a construction site.

This constitutes the following 4 main signs :

Assembly Point sign – in case of an emergency there has to be a safe place to congregate;

  - normally produced as a larger sign so it is easily seen


Site Safety sign – covers first aid, PPE, courtesy/inconvenience, parents with children and visitors;

  - normally produced as a larger sign due to amount of text printed on it


No unauthorised access – there has to be a sign that informs people they shouldn’t be there;

 - produced as a smaller sign, but more than one is used to get the message across                                                                        


Danger Construction Site – Keep Out – a sign that highlights the site is dangerous and to stay away;

   - produced as a smaller sign, but several are scattered around the perimeter of the site


At First Call Signs we are able to help you decide on the additional signs you may require to complete your building site and keep it legislatively correct. One suggestion would be to purchase the Starter Packs and build your temporary signage around this, bearing in mind that not all building/construction sites will be the same, ultimately you could end up with different elements of signage at every site you will ever work on.

Call our Sales Team on Tel: 0800 652 6270 to find out about how we can provide basic temporary safety signage for your construction site.

Welfare and First Aid Arrangements

Welfare and First Aid Arrangements

One of the most important aspects of any construction or building site is ensuring that all visitors or workers are cared for and looked after properly, however long they are there for. Whilst following through with the overall project, this is an area that is sometimes overlooked.

In accordance with the 1996 Health, Safety and Welfare Construction Regulations and the updated 2007 Design and Management Construction Regulations, it is made clear to those responsible for the construction site exactly what is expected in terms of provision.

Whether it is providing facilities for changing into dry clothing, a rest area or even something as simple as putting in place an adequate supply of wholesome drinking water in readily accessible and suitable stations on site, the welfare of anyone on site is paramount.

For the larger and complex sites more will be expected in this area. For example “Dry Room”, Shower facilities etc are common on the bigger Projects. The regulations also state that both smokers and non-smokers should be catered for, the latter being protected from discomfort caused by tobacco smoke and the former being given a safe area to smoke if they so wish. If there are women regularly on site then the toilets should be separate and marked as such.

The first aid provisions should be just as far reaching. The first aid post should be clearly marked on site, normally a dual use with the site office. Eye wash and “Your First Aiders Are” information should also be easily accessible to everyone based at the Project.

At First Call Signs, we are sometimes asked for advice on what welfare and first aid signage should be on site. Our take on the situation is that every site is different and that signage will vary from site to site. Our suggestion would be to ensure that the main types of signage (such as the ones pictured above) are in place and that areas of concern are covered as much as possible.

Call our Sales team on Tel: 0800 652 6270 to find our about how we can provide welfare and first aid signs for your construction site.