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Everything you need to know about branded Heras netting

Over the past couple of months we’ve noticed a huge rise in the demand for branded Heras fence netting for construction sites. So what is it used for and what benefits can it bring to your site?

First and foremost, your branded Heras fence netting acts as a health and safety tool, protecting waste and rubble from the public and passers by near your site. Additionally, it hides the mess that this creates, keeping everything on site and out of plain view.

Secondly, the branding aspect of the netting allows corporate awareness and recognition, reinforcing your company’s brand and image within the community your site is situated.

Heras netting is made from 340gsm mesh PVC material, which is 25% open to allow airflow through, creating less tension onto the netting itself. Additionally, the mesh also allows light through, meaning that even when it is used on buildings, windows are not completely blacked out.

First Call Signs can supply Heras fencing for all of your site needs, including the use of your branding for awareness and corporate identity. Get in touch with the team today for further information at

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