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40% of construction sites fail H&S checks

40% of  construction sites inspected by the HSE in a recent campaign failed to meet acceptable standards of health and safety. Nearly half of the 1748 repair and refurbishment sites visited between September and October 2014 demonstrated poor safety practices. This resulted in formal enforcement action needed in 1 fifth of the sites, 313 prohibition notices and 235 improvement notices.

HSE said that the most common issues found related to work at height and falls, failure to control dust, insufficient welfare and asbestos. The HSE's Chief of Construction Philip White said: "It is just not acceptable that inspectors had to order work to stop immediately on over 200 occasions because of dangerous practices." He also added "We need to continue to educate industry through initiatives like this and encourage a change in behaviour on small projects where over half the industry's fatal accidents still occur and many workers become seriously ill".

Safety signage used correctly not only helps to enforce and remind workers and visitors of your safety policies and but can demonstrate your commitment to keeping safety factors a primary issue on the agenda.

Top 5 uses for your construction safety signs

A video tutorial for getting the best from construction safety signs. Building site signs can do so much more than promote safety. Our video shows you how to make your site boundary signs cost effective business and marketing tools as well as protect your staff and visitors.