Best Practice for Fire-prevention and control on construction sites

In this blog post we are looking at fire -prevention precautions associated with hot work activities. 

Contractors would be generally expected to provide and use cylinder trolleys to ensure ease of transport and safe storage whilst cylinders are in use. Flashback arrestors should be fitted to all welding, cutting and heating equipment, contain any explosive incidents. Appropriate welding screens and display safety signs (including PPE signs) will be required whenever electric arc welding is being undertaken to protect other persons from the effects of ultra-violet radiation and the spread of sparks. Contractors must give consideration to fire prevention and control at all times when working on site by enforcing the following these best practice procedures:

  •  Flammable waste products i.e. cardboard, wood, sawdust, paper, cloth and the like, are to be removed from the work area on a regular basis, via the appropriate waste disposal system ( see our post on waste management and pollution control for construction)
  • Provide suitable fire fighting equipment and training to operatives and assess as necessary for the work operation undertaken.
  • Observe any specific rules a site might have for example these could be:

-Obtain 'Hot Work Permits' before hot work operations commence.

-Observe the 'No Smoking' areas

-Observe the site emergency fire procedures

  •  Ensure suitable flame-retardant materials and the like are utilised as part of your 'hot working procedures' i.e. barriers, monoflex, temporary screens and safety signs etc.



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